Ellen Lindquist was invited to contribute 49 flash fictions to the anthology Flashshot 2010. In 2009, she was a finalist in the The Binnacle's Ultra-Short Competition for "Busride Stranger," and in 2007 for "Daredevil." In 2008, she was a finalist in Escape Pod's Flash Fiction Contest for "Alien Tot," and a winner in the Caferati "Tall Story" Flash Fiction Contest in Mumbai, India for "Peggy Guggenheim's Nose."Her short-short "In the Hawaiian Garden Where I Came to Escape Feeling Sad" was selected to teach a course in flash fiction at the University of Glasgow in 2006. In 2004, she was invited to submit illustrated poetic texts to the London Art Biennial. Skylark Magazine nominated her prose poem/flash fiction "The Erstwhile Wire-Woman" for a Pushcart Prize. She was a winner in the following contests: E2K’s Net Author Flash Fiction Contest (2003); Fiction Inferno’s Very Short Fiction Contest (2002); Lotus Bloom Journal’s Anniversary Contest (2004); and, the DeKalb Art Council’s Fiction Contest (1998). She was a semifinalist in Mid-American Review’s Fineline Competition (2001) and a finalist in the Shy Librarian Fiction Contest (2002). Her poetry has appeared in 5 AM, The Small Pond Magazine, US 1 Worksheets, and others. Originally from Michigan, she lives in Atlanta.